Wave Pilot Conjures Innovation in Latest Release ‘Blood Moon’

After relocating to Las Vegas, music producer Wave Pilot found inspiration in the city’s dynamic atmosphere, leading to the creation of an innovative and genre-defying track, ‘Blood Moon.’

‘Blood Moon’ combines melodic and bass elements to defy expectations, while still delivering the dance-floor drops bass heads crave. 

The haunting atmosphere that opens started as the catalyst, and within a six-hour session Wave Pilot expanded the initial idea into a fully arranged piece.

Reflecting on his process, Wave Pilot says: “I’m most creative when I’m not emulating any specific genre or artist. That way my mind is free of constraints and expectations of what a song should sound like.”

As Wave Pilot continues to develop as an artist, “Blood Moon” serves as a beacon, showcasing the sonic possibilities that emerge when judgments are cast aside and pure expression let out. 

Download and Stream: https://fanlink.to/bloodmoonwavepilot

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Instagram: @wavepilotmusic
SoundCloud: wavepilotmusic

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