Young Spanish Producer BL∆GE Makes Waves with ‘Left To The Right’

At just 19 years old, Spanish music producer BL∆GE has taken the electronic music scene by storm with his latest release, ‘Left To The Right’ Despite having no formal musical education, BL∆GE has honed his craft over the past five years, showcasing a unique blend of talent and innovation.

“I started producing music when I was 14, with nothing but my guitar,” says BL∆GE. “But over time, I taught myself to play the piano and learned music theory, which has greatly influenced my sound.”

“Left To The Right,” which began as a simple idea in September 2023, marks a departure from BL∆GE’s usual style. Experimenting with vocal samples and loops, he crafted an aggressive bass house track that captivates listeners with its dynamic sound design.

Describing his creative process, BL∆GE explains, “I automated everything I could, from delays to filters, to keep the song constantly evolving and engaging.”

The track’s evolution didn’t come without challenges. BL∆GE faced difficulties during the production process but found inspiration to finish it in time for his set at ADE 2023 (Amsterdam Dance Event). “I wanted to create something that seamlessly blended euphoric drops with aggressive trap elements,” he says. “The result is a high-energy track that keeps the momentum going from start to finish.”

After receiving positive reactions at ADE 2023, BL∆GE caught the attention of Red Ocean’s Music Group founder, Lanova, who signed ‘Left To The Right’ to the label. The track’s release was accompanied by a successful promotional campaign, culminating in a viral video that garnered over 6 million views.

Reflecting on his success, BL∆GE says, “It’s surreal to see my music resonate with so many people. I’m grateful for the support from fans and fellow artists alike, and I’m excited to continue pushing boundaries in electronic music.”

“Left To The Right” has already made its mark on the DJ circuit, with renowned artists like MashBit incorporating it into their sets. With his star on the rise, BL∆GE is poised to make a lasting impact on the global music scene.

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