A New Album from Russian Techno Sensation DJ/Producer Nina Kraviz!

The Pandemic has everyone locked in their homes all around the globe. DJ’s have been streaming and broadcasting from the homes, while producers poured all their efforts on creating new tunes. As if there has been no better chance and time to create music. Most Producers before the COVID-19 used to always mention the time matter regarding touring and music production. It was hectic for many. The bright side of the pandemic was that fans are seeing their favorite producers locked up and releasing plenty of fresh new music online.

One of the recent album announcements came from the Russian DJ/Producer Nina Kraviz. Where earlier this past week, she announced via her Twitter account that a new album is in the making.

Nina, as many of the most impressive techno DJ’s of the past decade, did succeed to be bold and go big at the same time. Her performances over a year did include some of the biggest techno and electronic music festivals such as Awakenings, Exit Festival, Tomorrowland, and many more. She is always there! Nina is surely a name to stop upon when mentioning the techno scene as a whole, and in between female DJ’s as well. Check out her tweet and one of her recent sets below:

A Recent 4 Hour Set :

Paul Gryllz
Paul Gryllz


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