Armin van Buuren at UNTOLD Dubai Launch Event about Burj Khalifa set – Exclusive Interview EDMNOMAD

We got Armin van Buuren in an exclusive interview at the announcement event of UNTOLD Dubai. He shared insights about UNTOLD Festival being Dubai’s First Mega-Festival and how it was to perform a DJ set on Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

Interview Notes:
00:15 Armin talks about the emotion of playing a DJ set on floor 149 of the World’s highest building, Burj Khalifa
01:09 Armin’s words about breaking two world records, the highest DJ set, and the biggest DJ Led screen
01:34 Armin’s thoughts about UNTOLD Festival coming to Dubai
02:18 What is UNTOLD Festival and why it is one of the leading music festivals in the world
02:41 Armin talks about his connection with the UNTOLD Festival fans
03:41 Armin van Buuren shared what he prepared for UNTOLD Festival Europe in Cluj-Napoca this year
03:57 Why Armin van Buuren didn’t play at the last two editions of UNTOLD Europe

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