Aspyer Shared to us How his Passion for Music Started and more

Exclusive interview and Mix with Aspyer

  1. Hey Aspyer, how are you? We’re glad to have you here to ask you some questions about your latest song on STMPD RCRDS and the guest mix you did for us.

Hey, everything is great, getting ready for a new release!

  1. First of all, can you share with our audience how your passion for music started and at what age?

Nearly from the day I was born, my dad played classical music for me with his big DJ headphones, which he used to play at night. I was 2-3 years old, my mother told me that I always liked it.

This was the first music that I heard, but in general I began to study music at the age of 6 and my passion for it appeared immediately.

  1. Tell us more about ‘The Rest Of Your Life’ track. When did you start producing it and how did you meet Karin Park and collaborate with him for the vocals?

I started writing this track at the toughest of the COVID times, in my hometown of Togliatti.

At first there was the harmony, which I composed while improvising on the piano, hence the working title of the track “Harmony”.

This harmony was a little melancholic, but later developing my thought, I brought it into a stunning light atmosphere.

I met Karin when I already had the final mix of the instrumental version.

In general, the idea to write Karin appeared after I made a mashup with her vocals.

When she answered I was very happy, because at some time I listened to a remix of Tokyo By Night by Axwell and thought “how is it possible to make such a blast?”

Axwell has always been an example for me, and there is also a cool vocals from Karin, which was so unusual and not typical for me.

Collaboration with Karin was as easy as possible, we felt the general idea and we formed some kind of unified view of this track.

In general, it was a single vibe, I really enjoyed working with her.

  1. How would you describe the incorporation of violin vibes in your songs?

I have been playing the violin all my life and have always thought about how to combine my favorite music with my instrument.

In any case, it was inevitable to ignore this instrument, because I got a professional education in violin and can teach it to people hahaha

The apotheosis of the introduction of the violin was the track “Symphony”, I really think that here I have embodied this idea of ​​EDM + classical vibe by 200%, so far for me it remains the best experiment in my life.

Now I’m looking for creative ways to introduce violin into dance music and am looking forward to a new successful experiment!

  1. From where do you get the inspiration while you’re producing music? Do you have any ‘rituals’ or you simply open your DAW and start producing?

I have never been inspired by just opening the DAW. I was always inspired by some events, joyful moments, positive emotions that I experience from spending time with my loved ones. For example now I’m working on a new track with my good friend – the vocalist. So for this work I was inspired by a sunny day in St. Petersburg, which I spent with my girlfriend.

It’s cool that such ordinary things can inspire great ideas!

  1. You did a beautiful guest mix for our audience in the light of the release of your song – ‘The Rest Of Your Life’. Tell us what influenced you to choose the tracks for it or how you decided which songs to play in the mix?

First of all, I wanted to share music that I really like. I love to support the music of my friends who make cool stuff.

In this mix you can my favorite tracks and fresh music from my friends, which I wanted to share with people.

  1. We have seen on your Instagram that you found a new hobby, wakesurfing. What’s one thing you love most about it? What else do you like to do in your free time?

Oh God, this is such a thrill!  Wakesurfing gives me a certain feeling of freedom / euphoria that I experienced during school time, when I was carefree skateboarding with my friends and had fun.

I thought that such sensations were in the past, but no, they are still here.

I like to workout and crossfit, sometimes I like to run. It’s not only important for health to be in good shape, but also for the work of the head. After training I’m always energized and full of new ideas.

  1. What are some of your future plans and what can our fans expect from you next?

I want to realize my unfinished ideas that are waiting for their moment, and then I will plunge into new experiments, who knows, maybe something really fresh for me will turn out.

  1. Thank you for being here and answering our questions. We cannot wait to see you at the festivals when they will be back. Where can our audience find you on socials?

I’m looking forward to the performances and I really want to play my music, feel the energy of people again!

You can find me on any social network under the name @aspyermusic

Hope it was interesting, see you on stage very soon, peace!

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