AVAION Talks About his Music Career and his Future Plans

  1. Hey AVAION, great to be chatting with! For readers who may not be familiar with your music, please gives us an idea of your background. How did you first get into music?

Hey! I am AVAION. A 25 year old producer, songwriter and singer from South Germany. My style is a combination of melancholic deep house and pop. I started with music in my early childhood and showed a strong interest early on. Both my father and my grandfather were born musicians so I guess I inherited that a little bit in the genetics.

  1. Can you describe your sound in 3 words?




  1. ‘Pieces’ is perhaps the song most people know you for, especially considering it has close to 100 million streams and is now a Platinum record. What has the impact of this record been on your life so far and how does it feel to have such an internationally recognized song?

It is absolute madness. I am so grateful for the success on Pieces. It has of course changed my life for the better. I was able to make my name in the scene more and show people who I am. New doors have opened and my other songs have benefited as well. I am incredibly grateful, and I think there is no better feeling for an artist than the recognition of your work.

  1. No doubt ‘Pieces’ is one of the biggest career highlights for you so far, but have there been any others?

Every new song release is a highlight for me

I don’t rest on the success of just ‘Pieces’. I try to surpass myself with every song and get to a new level.

  1. You’ve collaborated with VIZE, Leony and Why So Sad so far in your career. If you could pick any artists to collaborate with next who would that be?

Kaytranada, Elderbrook, Rufus du soul and Fred again.

  1. What’s in your studio? What are your go-to bits of equipment or software?

My go-to‘s on Equipment are my Mac Book, Apollotwin Interaface, HS8 Speaker and my AKAi MPK 249

My favorite Software for production is still FL Studio. I started with it and I’ve stayed with it and I love it.

  1. Any production tips for new producers?

Try to finish as many songs as possible even if you don’t release them.

Watch YouTube tutorials and educate yourself

Don’t focus too much on copying sounds, try to put your own sound in your songs.

  1. Please give us your Top 3 tracks of the moment and why?

-Vex Oh by KAYTRANADA – because the vibe of the beat combined with the vocals is another level.

-Something Real by Nu Aspect – because the drop got such a nice bounce with the bass. The rhythm is definitely something real.

– About you by KREAM – because the whole vibe of the song is just a pure masterpiece. So much energy but also melancholy in one song.

  1. Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

I don’t really have ONE big inspiration. Its a combination of my own experience, life itself and many artists that I like. I take the best out of all of that and create my own style

  1. Your music is signed to Sony Music. How did that relationship come about and what it’s like being signed to a major label?

Sony wrote to me in 2019 and offered me a deal. They were the first to discover my potential and therefore the decision to sign with Sony was easy. I get along very well with my team and the work together goes very smoothly. I am very thankful for my team and I am looking forward to another great work together in the future.

  1. If you were to stage your own festival arena, what would your dream line-up be and why?

I think that would be a very exciting mix as I would have both rnb artists and electronic artists playing on that stage. Best would be even to combine these artists. it would be very interesting to imagine a Kaytranada and Fred Again B2b. So my favorite Line up would be also my dream collabo`s that we talked about in the question above.

  1. What can fans expect from you during the summer?

There will be a lot of new music. Music that I am more proud of than ever. I‘m so focused on getting my music to another level and on the upcoming releases which definitely help me to accomplish that. There will be also a lot of festivals gigs and shows in Europa, I’m so ready for that.

Image credits: Max Schwarzhans

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