Blasterjaxx share more details about their virtual show in Avakin Life [Interview]

1) Hello guys. How are you?

Hi guys, it’s all going well. Finishing up many records and played some really great shows over the last weeks.

2) Can you tell us how you got to play a show in a 3D Virtual World game (Avakin Life)?

To be honest it was Avakin who approached us and by that time we were not familiar with the whole virtual world on this scale. It’s so fascinating and amazing how this whole platform rolls and how people do enjoy these virtual versions of themselves.

3) What can people expect from you during the show there?

Now we’re a little more into this virtual world we can improve our dj sets to give the crowd an even better experience. We will play many new unreleased tracks and our well known biggest hits of course. 

4) How do you spend your free time, if any?

Haha, we do spend it with our family and loved ones, fitness is very important in the daily routine and here and there we have some attention for the PlayStation. 

5) Do you play any games? Which ones?

We do! Idir is very active on Call Of Duty, FIFA and maple story. Thom is more into The Witcher, Assassins Creed and Hearthstone.

6) Do you think Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence will affect the music industry? How?

Before we got in touch with Avakin we had no idea of the enormous digital world that was already out there. Somehow AI and the music industry will melt together and get more cooperative with each other. 

7) What do you have in store for us this year? Any new collaborations and stuff?

Yeah, lots and lots of new music!! Also got an interesting collaboration with a big AAA artist in the pipeline… stay tuned and keep an eye out to our record label: Maxximize Records

8) What’s your favorite show and crowd you have ever played for?

Can’t pick one specific… too many great shows, too many good crowds! But like anything else we have a couple of preferences: for example, Bootshaus (Germany) is out of this world, we once did a show in Guatemala which was insane, Tomorrowland Brazil was something we won’t forget and just so so many more shows that where incredible. 

9) Do you have anything else you are excited about to share with your fans?

We’re super excited for our next virtual show in Avakin and to learn more about this digital world.

10) This is all for now! Thank you for your time!

Thanks for the interview guys! Talk soon! 

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