Boris Brejcha Sharing About Upcoming Album, New Music, Touring, And More

With a mask that conceals but his music that reveals, Boris Brejcha has carved a niche in the electronic music scene like no other. From the depths of minimal techno to the heights of innovative electronic symphonies, his sonic journey has captivated global audiences. The German hitmaker returns to the spotlight with the announcement of his forthcoming studio project Level One and the release of his all-new single, Vienna ft. Malena Narvay.

On this occasion, we got to sit down with the man himself and hear more about this new release, the new upcoming album in 2024, and much more:

Boris, so good to have you here with us today! How is everything in your life going right now?

All good so far. I feel very much alive and am currently on tour a lot. Until the end of December. 

Busy summer as we see on your socials! How does it feel being on the move and spreading that Boris Brejcha magic?

It is like a dream. The fact that I can make people happy with my music. There is almost no other profession with such a feeling!

You also just released a new edit of Vienna, can you tell us more about it?

Yes! I love the new single. It’s so energetic and sounds like summer at the same time. Perfect right now for the festivals. It was so much fun to work on this single. Also together with Malena Narvay. She has an incredibly good voice and she is so relaxed. Also at the video shoot everything was relaxed and we all had a lot of fun.

What can your fans expect from your recently announced upcoming “Level One” album in 2024? 

The individual songs will be a mix of all the years of my career. There are some experiments with it, but also songs that remind of earlier times. I am very happy about that. The album will have 17 songs. And also new is that I put the intro version of “Level One” on it. I think many will look forward to that.

With touring and so many shows, what does Boris Brejcha do to relax from time to time?

For me, everything is more or less tacked.  On the weekends I play my shows, on Mondays, I always do my office day, and from Tuesday to Thursday I’m mostly in the studio. That’s the perfect schedule for me. But of course, there are always days when I just do nothing to relax. Therefore, we also try to make the trips as comfortable as possible. Sleeping a lot and eating well is also part of it.

How would you describe the summer of 2023 for yourself in a few words?

It is or rather becomes wild. So many cool shows and different locations. There are definitely no wishes left unfulfilled. 

What does a day in the studio look like for you? Making such iconic music takes a lot of inspiration I’d imagine, and was wondering how you do it!

It’s actually pretty simple and boring… haha! I always try to get an idea on Tuesdays. So a loop that sounds good, and then you can produce it. The inspiration usually comes from all the travels and shows. But somehow I always have an idea. Even when I’m not traveling. That’s cool. If I like the idea, I take care of the arrangement on Wednesday. And Thursday is used to make various finishing touches to the song. After that, the song is finished. Of course, it also happens that I don’t come up with a good idea. Then I delete the started idea and just relax. 

What’s an advice that you got from someone in the past that came out as being actually useful?

The best tip I ever got in my life was: You just have to know where you want to go and how to get there. The rest will come by itself. 

Any message for all your fans?

I just want to tell my fans that I love them all. It’s wonderful to see that with music you can make many people happy. And conversely, it makes me even happier.

Listen to Vienna on your favorite streaming platform here, and stay in touch with Boris Brejcha via Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.


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