Chatting With Gabry Ponte About His Lates Release ‘Lightning Strikes’ And More

Gabry Ponte, one of the most beloved DJs and producers in EDM just released a brand new banging masterpiece together with Justus under the name of Lightning Strikes. The track is an incredible rumble for festivals and unforgettable parties, and with this occasion, we got to speak with Gabry and learn more about it.

Gabry, so cool to have you here with us today! How is everything going in your life?

Awesome! Thanks for having me!

You just released a brand new banger with Justus. Must say that it sounds incredible! Tell us more about it. (How did the idea come up? What’s the story behind it?)

The idea came from me; I’ve been following Justus and his work for some time and I believe he is one of the most talented young producers in the scene. I got in touch with him through Spinnin’ records, our common label, and sent him the idea of the song. He immediately caught the potential and we started working on it. He did a great job.

The track has a really cool, aggressive drop, but on the other hand some lovely, melodic vocals. It’s a really interesting transition from something that’s lifting you up to something that makes you go wild! How do you see the crowd raving on this one?

Glad you like it! Well, I’ve been playing it for a while in my sets now and I always get great feedback from the crowd, as you said it passes from a very sweet vocal to a very powerful drop, it comes quite unexpected. Crowds like to be surprised!

One of your previous hits was ‘Thunder’, amazing release. This one is called ‘Lightning Strikes’. Is there a connection between these two?

Ahaha no… I couldn’t help but notice the coincidence but the vocal of ‘Lightning strikes’ was actually written way before Thunder and by different authors. It waited in my HD for a few years before we found the right dress for it, and it casually happened right after ‘Thunder’.

Making such good music requires a lot of inspiration. Tell us, where do you get yours?

Well, yes I draft something like 2 or 3 ideas every day, and I listen to a lot of music; I think this is a great source of inspiration.. but I would say it also requires a good team, I’m blessed because I have the opportunity to work all the times with great producers and authors and this makes it easy when my inspiration is taking a nap.

Now that the world is slowly getting back to normal, where can we catch you live in the near future?

We’re starting to get lots of requests from all over the world, it looks like after these two years of pandemics we’re about to enter a new golden age for live shows and concerts… I’m so happy to go back to playing live… can’t wait to finally play all the new music I’ve been producing and releasing in the last years.

Last one, if you could be an animal for a day, what would you be and why?

Mmm a bird, I guess, no matter what. I’ve always believed that flying in the open sky would give a sense of freedom that nothing else can give. I would like to see if I was right J so yeah definitely a bird!

Any message for all your fans?

Well I know that saying THANK YOU might be not enough but this is what I really feel. I’m so grateful every time I read their support comments and every time I see them jumping in front of me during a show. This can definitely move any mountains.

You can listen to Lightning Strikes on your favorite platform here.

Huge passion for electronic music. Clubbing, and festivals are heaven for me.


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