Chatting With Will Sparks About His Latest Masterpiece, Life, And More

Will Sparks continues to capitalize on his adrenalizing prowess with the release of his latest single Dreaming. The Australian-based talent flips the traditional concept of a rave anthem on its head. Combining pounding kicks, acid overtones, and expansive synths, the new release is an absolute dancefloor dominator from start to finish.  Whether you’re swerving alone under flashing strobes or surrounded by thousands of fellow partygoers, Dreaming is exhilaration in its purest sonic form. The strength of Sparks’ latest release will come as no surprise to fans of the Australian mainstay, as he’s steadily built his reputation on artistic electronic visions and truly unapologetic beats.

To learn more about this new release and his life in general we reached out and had a chat with the legend himself.

Will, so cool to have you here with us today! How is everything going in your life?

So good to be touring again, 4 months away from home is daunting after all the time off but it is exciting as well. 

Can imagine! You just dropped a brand new banger, ‘Dreaming’. Must say that it’s booming like crazy! Tell us more about it!

​​Thanks! It is definitely another crossover of my Techno style I have been doing lately. My goal is to make hard-hitting records that work in my sets structurally and sonically.

You are doing a fantastic job achieving this! Your music has crazy energy to it and the crowd always goes insane! What’s the craziest reaction you got during one of your shows?

Disco Dancing always catches people off-guard. Will be playing that one for a while!

What does a day in the studio look like for you? Do you have any cool tips on how to get inspiration for new bangers?

I don’t usually like working in studios. All I need is my laptop & headphones in a nice setting, it sets the mood! In terms of inspiration, I like to think about music that really makes me feel something. If I can make a groove from just a few songs I listen to, the rest flows from there. Jamming and experimenting is the best kind of inspiration.

Awesome! Out of curiosity as we saw you performing at some huge gigs, do you still get goosebumps before performing?


We loved your Techno Viking remake a while back! Are you personally a fan of memes and internet culture, and if so, do you have any current favorites?

Not really, Techno Viking is the OG though. I think it was the first youtube video I ever saw.

What can we expect from you in the near future? Any big plans you’d like to share?

More experimental genres with my signature sound. I will be in Europe for most of the year & potentially finally heading over to North America. 

Last one, if you could be an animal for a day, what would you be and why?

An Eagle, flying would be sick!

Any message for all your fans?

I appreciate you and the passion we share!

Listen to this latest release on your favorite streaming platform here.

Huge passion for electronic music. Clubbing, and festivals are heaven for me.


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