Chris Corkal Reveals New Single, ‘I Need You’

Chris Corkal, an up-and-coming Vancouver-based talent, now reveals the second track from his forthcoming PINK CLOUD EP, “I Need You.”

In the introspective single, Chris Corkal eloquently demonstrates his artistic ability to express deep-seated emotions via music production as a way of release. Having written and produced “I Need You” in a matter of days, during one of his most trying moments in recent years, it’s not hard to sense the underlying theme of overcoming adversity and the rebirth that occurred. 

“I Need You” begins as a soft and sensual song, then switches to a punching breakbeat. From a sonic standpoint, the single signifies a conflict that is needing to be resolved. This can be relevant in an unfulfilling relationship with a partner, or a lack of self-love. The track itself takes the listener on a journey, starting off slow, then rising, and ultimately transmuting the energy to neutralize it, showcasing the growth that comes from finding balance within.

“During a time where my partner and I were in a [rough] moment,” he recollects, sharing how his then-girlfriend booked a two week vacation to Mexico and left him stranded instead of working through the conflict together as a couple. “I opened up Ableton, and I knew that I needed to transmute this energy… I soon realized that while I didn’t feel better, I didn’t feel as bad. When I got to the drop, I realized that this [release] is making me feel above neutral.”

Throughout the duration of the creation process of “I Need You,” Corkal solidified his belief that “music has a way of completely understanding what you need.” It was a healing tool for him. Even though times are hard, “I have the ability to feel fully, and, at the end of the day, you can work through emotions in a healthy way and know that everything will be okay.”

Following in the heels of his latest release “Easy To Love,” “I Need You” is the second single off of Chris Corkal’s forthcoming EP, PINK CLOUD, coming soon. For updates on new music and more, keep an eye out on his socials linked below. 

You can find “I Need You” on your preferred streaming platform here.

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