Jonathan Kidd Drops Viral TikTok Meme-Inspired Track ‘WTF Do DJs Actually Do?’

Jonathan Kidd is a Malaysia-born DJ and music producer known for his style of crazy techno genre combined with other genre elements. He has released one song of the viral meme from TikTok ‘WTF Do DJs Actually Do’

The reason why I made this song is a lot of DJs & music producers showcase their skills from the video, I do not see much of anyone do one with a dark or hard techno style. Plus I had the idea in my mind to come out of sudden & therefore I decided to make this track for dance & festival & I never thought it went crazy & receive some supports from other DJ & music producers such as DAX J, PERSES, Versus (USA), Paul Clark (UK). The song also features on Youtube channel under Brutish Heavy Music – Jonathan Kidd

As an emerging artist on the scene, Jonathan Kidd promises more surprises and unexpected tracks in the future. ‘WTF Do DJs Actually Do’ is now available for free download and streaming on SoundCloud and YouTube, inviting listeners to delve into the electrifying world of his music.

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