Cyazon Talks About his ‘Cyber Future’ Radio Show Relaunch

Cyazon is ready to take the airwaves once more. The talented DJ and producer relaunches ‘Cyber Future’ a weekly radio show that showcases his love for futuristic sounds and cyberpunk vibes, while creating a platform for displaying his own music and hot tracks from different artists that inspire him. The ‘Cyber Future’ radio show aims to take listeners on a sonic journey loaded with the sounds of the future, a new dystopian dimension where music is the guide. Cyazon sat down with us to give us an in-depth look at the show, its features, and what to expect in the coming episodes.

1.    Hi Cyazon, how are you?

I am doing well! Thanks for inviting me to do this interview.

2.    What inspired you to relaunch your own radio show?

I felt that relaunching the radio show would help me connect with other artists when I have them as a guest. I also thought it was a good idea to have some semi-new content that is consistent so people are looking forward to something every week.

3.    What kind of music can we expect on the show?

A mixture of anything that sounds futuristic. Dubstep, Midtempo, electro house, trance, hardwave, synthwave, and cyberpunk music.

4.    What are the main influences of your music and of the show?

The main influences of my music are cyberpunk/futuristic music and melodic dubstep in particular. Same goes for the show. I’m currently attempting to blend futuristic/cyberpunk elements in my sound into mainstream/commercial EDM as well.

5.    Will you have any guests?

Yes, the plan is to have guests.

6.    How do you prepare the mixes for your show?

A lot of it is done in a music production software called Ableton. Then I use a website called Landr to master each mix so that the loudness is appropriate for streaming/playing the mix on radio.

7.    What do you look for in track when deciding to feature it on a mix?

Most of the time I’m listening and seeing if it puts me into a futuristic place. Danceability too.

8.    What would you like to achieve with ‘Cyber Future Radio Show’?

A few things. Bigger artists in the scene featured as guests and more people listening to the weekly radio show.

9.    Tell us more about yourself, what are you currently working on besides the show?

I’m currently making more music to release as well as planning my unreleased music that is finished for the next 6 months.

10.  Finally, where can we find your radio show?

You can listen to the radio show here

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