Cyazon Talks About his ‘Tech’ Release and More

Known for his signature futuristic sound and matchless style, Cyazon is truly a name to follow closely. His hard-hitting releases surely keep raising the bar and pushing boundaries as a parallel to the music producer’s infinite talent.

Now, coming from the exciting release of his Dubstep banger ‘Tech’, Cyazon has proved once more why his powerful sound deserves the attention is been getting.

We invited Cyazon to tell us more about the behind-the-scenes process of his latest production, here’s what he said.

Hi Cyazon! How are you doing?

Hi, doing good, thank you!

‘Tech’ is out now, can you tell us what inspired you to make this track?

I made the track about a year ago. There really was not anything in particular that inspired the track, other than I wanted to make a Dubstep track with sounds I was wanting to use.

Are there any new genre or sonic explorations you’re experimenting with for this song?

Not so much no. Mainly, I was experimenting with these sounds I have been wanting to use for a Dubstep song and make it sound futuristic in some way.

What’s your favorite element of the track?

I would say the first drop main sustain bass and the futuristic laser synth that has a melody.

How was the production process of this release?

From my memory, I remember starting with the drop first and finishing the bass arrangement for the first chorus/drop. Then, I moved to the second half of the drop, which was adding the supersaw chords and other basses, glitches, and sounds. Then, I went ahead and worked on the intro/breakdown and buildups.

Did you have to overcome any struggles while working on this track?

I do not really remember overcoming any struggles while working on this, since it was long ago. If anything, creating the drop/choruses might have been difficult with arranging all of the sounds, but that is really all I can think of.

How does this song measure up to your previous releases?

This is the first Dubstep song from me in a while, since most of my previous releases have been in Mid-tempo. So, it definitely has a harder sound to it.

Can you describe ‘Tech’ to someone who hasn’t heard it yet?

Futuristic-sounding, metallic, and a new sound for Dubstep.

Where would you say it’s best to listen to this track?

Definitely in a club/venue environment or in the car since there is more bass/sub.

What’s next for Cyazon?

One song release a month is lined up, along with a collaboration song released sometime in the middle of this year through a label.

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