David Guetta Teases New Future Rave Remix for ‘Hero’ with Afrojack

David Guetta played a snippet of the remix of ‘Hero’ on a livestream with Afrojack on the single’s release day

The superstar collaboration of Grammy-winning producers David Guetta and Afrojack is here with the release of ‘Hero’ earlier today. For this mega release, the duo also has ‘MEGA’ exclusive projects in the works as David teased a new Future Rave remix of the single earlier today on Afrojack’s livestream.

Taking to livestream on Instagram, the Dutch powerhouse DJ Afrojack was joined by the French multi-platinum selling DJ David Guetta to discuss and engage with the fans on the release day of the dance-pop hit. For the lucky fans who tuned in to the livestream, David gave a special treat with an exclusive first-time teaser of a future rave remix of the song.

As things return to normal with safety measures easing up, David revealed that he prepared the future rave remix for his first performance with attendees post-pandemic at LIV Miami. Future rave, the golden middle path between commercial and underground music David found and helped pioneer with MORTEN was welcomed as a favorable change in the industry.

Watch the Livestream they did on Instagram

Both producers share a successful track record with their collaborations, and given the massive popularity of future rave with the fans, we can’t wait for the remix to be officially released. David Guetta has hit the nail on its head with Afrojack to turn this already grand record into a smash hit with his now highly anticipated remix of ‘Hero’.

You can check out ‘Hero’ by David Guetta and Afrojack below.

Image Credit: Afrojack (via Twitter)

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