DJ. UNKNONE Released ‘CUM 4 U’ Which is An EDM Instrumental Club Track

DJ. UNKNONE is an upcoming EDM producer that is making a splash in both the music industry and pop culture. DJ. UNKNONE is known for wearing her helmet and sunglasses to hide her physical appearance but is very open to talking about anything and everything about herself. The reason for wearing the helmet and sunglasses is because of DJ. UNKNONE wants to preach the message that physical looks are not everything.

“Being a young female we have this pressure to always look our best or look a certain way to get recognized in our everyday life, and life shouldn’t be that way. I wear a helmet because for me that’s what makes me FEEL the most confidence when I can act however I want to and not be judged for being a female and not looking my best”. – DJ.UNKNONE.

You may know DJ.UNKNONE for her most recognizable track “CUM 4 U ” which is an EDM Instrumental Club – track that features the iconic line from the hit tv show “Euphoria”. This track is so catchy and a must-listen! “CUM 4 U ” has been out for around a month and a half and is already taking the EDM scene by storm averaging 7k streams weekly! DJ. UNKNONE just released that she will be coming out with a brand new single “By Your Side ” in January 2023, get ready for this track!

Keep following the upcoming EDM producer DJ. UNKNONE on all her socials and keep streaming her music, we will be hearing more from her soon!

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