VirtualDJ Unveils a New Version of its Flagship Software

DJs can now deconstruct any track in real—time with Studio like quality

Back in 2020, VirtualDJ introduced the first real-time stem separation for professional DJs, and started what is today shaping to be a global revolution in the entertainment industry, with more actors joining the wagon every day.

But today, after 2.5 years more of research, VirtualDJ 2023 with Stems2.0 takes it to the next level, with an unrivalled new engine that now achieves a truly revolutionary stem separation that is almost indistinguishable from author-made multi-tracks.

Based on advanced Artificial Intelligence and Deep Neural Networks Machine Learning, VirtualDJ 2023 can extract in real-time from any track, its basic components: acapella, instrumental, bass, kicks and snares.

Stems separation in VirtualDJ already wowed most of the top DJs in the world (, but the new ability of VirtualDJ 2023 to get studio-like stems quality without the need to have the source material, truly opens the door to a new way of DJing for all.

VirtualDJ is a free software for non-commercial use, and costs $19/month for professionals. It can be downloaded for free from

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