EDC Las Vegas 2020 will happen on a full motor speedway for the first time

A recent post on Instagram from the Insomniac founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella, just announced that on this year’s edition of EDC Las Vegas that will take place in 15-17 May, 2020 will happen on the entire Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

There are hundreds of these suckers sticking up everywhere in the worst spots at the Speedway, making those areas unusable. I’ve wanted to get rid of them since we moved EDC to Vegas 10 years ago! Well…they’re FINALLY getting taken out, and for the first time ever we’ll be using the ENTIRE Speedway for EDC Las Vegas 2020. That means more dancing room at neonGARDEN, quantumVALLEY, more space around pixelFOREST, and better Raver Feng Shui overall!

We can say that due to this, EDC Las Vegas 2020 will be bigger than ever, so the total experience of the festival will be on a total new level.

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