EJ Talks About His Musical Journey and his Formula E residency

  1. Hello!  How are you?

I’m excellent thanks.  How are you guys doing?

  • Can you tell us a little about yourself so that our readers could get to know you better?

Sure.  So I am EJ, the resident DJ for Formula E which is the very exciting electric street racing championship.  I get to tour all over the world with them performing at some very cool locations.  I play at all the festivals they put on in city centers to tens of thousands of fans.  I also perform while the cars are racing around the track kind of like creating the soundtrack to the race.  I produce all the music for the TV series, as well as my own releases, and am currently signed to Garuda.

  • You’ve managed to become quite the successful DJ/producer. How has the journey been for you up until this point?

Its been awesome.  I’ve always worked in dance music and was at Ministry of Sound for ten years where I worked across all their brands, heading the DJ team as well as live events.  I got to play some pretty incredible shows all over the world from residencies in Ibiza to WMC and ADE major events.

  • How and when did you get into music production and DJ-ing? Can you also tell us how you came to be working with Formula E, also?

I got into Djing at a pretty young age.  Think I was about 15 playing happy hardcore!!  Me and my friends used to go to all the raves up and down the country.  I went to Ibiza when I was 20 and took a box of records, and the rest, as they say, is history.  I first got into producing maybe ten years ago with a friend that had a studio, but we were only really messing around.  The producing side really only took off three years ago or so when I got my first track signed to Armada Captivating.  I met Formula E towards the end of my time at Ministry.  They wanted someone to come and help with their music platform, so I jumped at the chance.  It was from there that EJ was born.  My alter-ego!  

  • What has been your favorite show to play this year, so far?

It’s a tough choice between Saudi Arabia and Mexico.  Saudi was incredible as I was the first DJ to ever play to a mixed crowd of men and women being able to dance next to each other.  Mexico is always great as the fans are awesome.  So up for it!  Don’t make me decide!  J

  • Can you give us more details about your workflow? What is the first thing you do when you start producing a new song in the studio?

A new track can come from anywhere. Whether it be on my travels, at home or in the car listening to music, or messing around on the keyboard and computer.  I generally get an idea together and then spend time with my studio partner and engineer to thrash it out further.  Once I’m happy with the instrumental if its going to be a track that I’mm going to put a vocal on I will send it off to a singer and give them an idea what I am after and they will send back a rough draft.  We then have a bit of back and forth until everyone is happy and it goes off for mastering. 

  • How would you describe your music to those not familiar?

Euphoric progressive house

  • When should we expect a new release – have you been in the studio recently?

Yes I have lots of new music that is nearly finished.  So much is always nearly finished!  I have a track out in December this year called Area 101 and the follow up with be out back end of January. 

  • Do you have anything else you are excited about to share with our readers?

Certainly do!  Last year I mixed the first Formula E “The Soundtrack” and vol 2 will be out in January 2020.  It’s a mix of what I play at the races and clubs around the world.  Loads of great music out there.  I have nearly finished the track listing so getting into the mix over the next few weeks.  I’ve also got a monthly podcast that is available on ITunes and other streaming platforms.  If you want to hear what I am up to, listen to some great music and win some prizes please check our EJ Radio.

  1. What is the biggest goal you have in your musical career?

Definitely playing on Space Terrace in Ibiza!  Space sadly shut its doors a few years ago now and has been replaced with Hi which is an incredible club, but Space has a special place in my heart.  Not only did I party my socks off in there on many occasions, but also met a lot of friends who are still my very good friends today.  It was an honor to play there.

  1. This is all, for now! Thank you for your time!

Thank you.  Its been a pleasure!

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