Fedde Le Grand Comes Out With A Brand New Bass-House Hit ‘Shake That Ass’

Internationally renowned Dutch DJ and producer Fedde Le Grand returns to the release trenches for his latest endeavor, Shake That Ass. His latest sonic offering reimages Eminem’s 2005 hit ‘Shake That’, instilling it with newfound bass-house and EDM elements. The new cut directly follows Fedde Le Grand’s June-released collaborative single Down with 22Bullets, as well as his high-energy May hit, Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You.

 Shake That Ass kicks off with pulsating bass, a hard-hitting, jaunty rhythm, and a pitched-down vocal cut. Leaving the iconic melody very much intact, Le Grand brings the refrain into a hyper-charged and contemporary setting that will resonate with the modern audience. Playing on a continuous loop, the vocals take the focal point, leading up to an explosive beat drop that oozes with palpable energy and atmospheric ambiance. With four-on-the-floor sensibilities, the high octane production serves as a stellar addition to Fedde Le Grand’s already-established discography. It is sure to set dancefloors worldwide ablaze with energy this summer.

Listen to this release on your favorite platform here.


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