Jacob Colon Talks About his Latest song ‘Desire’, his Weekly Radio Show and More

Jacob Colon continues to amaze with another powerful release. The prodigious DJ and producer, recently dropped an energetic track titled ‘Desire’, this production comes after much anticipation, following the success of previous releases such as ‘Open Gates’, ‘Take It’ and ‘Protagonista’, as well as hitting a major milestone with his popular weekly radio show ‘Made to Move’ reaching its 100th episode not too long ago. With this new release, Jacob Colon seeks to reach new heights, exploring with new sounds and genres. We sat down with him to ask more about the production of this track. This is what he said.

  1. Hi Jacob, how are you doing?

I’ve been very well. I have been busy working on my catalog of music.

  • ‘Desire’ is out now, we’d like to know what inspired you to produce this track?

Desire was inspired from an RnB sample pack that I used after I created the drum loops and bass groove.

  • Are there any specific musical influences on the song?

Nobody in particular, but I’m expanding outside of the typical House vocal samples and exploring vocals in other music genres.

  • Did you use any samples for this track?

Yes. After hearing the vocal sample, I structured the melodies and chords thereafter.

  • What inspired the lyrics?

The lyrics came from the sample that I used.

  • How long did it take you to finish this song?

I typically take 1-2 weeks to complete a song with my current schedule. But once I was able to lock in the vocal sample with the drums, melodies and chords, the structure and final touches came pretty easily.

  • How would you say this track differs to your other releases?

I feel this song carries a bit of a pop/dance vibe. The instruments I used aren’t too moody, so it has more of an upbeat radio feel to it.

  • Can you describe the song in one sentence?

The vibes are dope.

  • How do you keep yourself motivated and inspired?

I believe in myself and my vision. There’s always a breakthrough artist that brings a new wave into the industry and I believe that is me.

  1. What are you currently working on?

I have a song currently in the works with a singer coming out of NY with a lot of records that have had success in Germany and other parts in Europe, that I am excited about. More information on that later.

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