Alan Walker Talks About Walkerverse Part 1 Album and World Tour – Alan Walker Interview EDMNOMAD

Alan Walkers talks about his Walkerverse Album Part 1 and about his Walkerverse tour plus more about his future plans.

Stream album here –

Interview Notes:
00:00 Alan Walker shares the story behind the Walkerverse Part 1 Album
00:58 Alan talks about why he loves to express a story for each song
01:40 He speaks about how much he loves the film music and orchestra and why he uses strings and other orchestral elements in his songs
02:22 Alan speaks about his favorite song from the Walkerverse Part 1 Album
03:04 The Walkerverse Tour
04:03 Alan speaks about his dreams and goals
04:42 What Alan loves to do in his free time
05:33 Alan Walker shares his source of inspiration while he’s in the studio producing music
07:01 Alan’s piece of advice for the upcoming and young music producers
08:47 Alan Walker’s opinion about NFTs, and web3 space
10:12 Alan’s message for all of his fans

📃 Quotes from the interview:
07:11 ‘Try to create something that sets you apart from anybody else’

One day you'll leave this world behind. So live a life you will remember.


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