MATTN Talks About her Performance at World Club Dome 2023 and More | EDMNOMAD Interview

We got the chance to speak with MATTN at World Club Dome 2023 about her epic performance but also about her future plans and more.

Interview Notes:
00:08 – MATTN talks about her performance at World Club Dome 2023
00:31 – She shares the story behind ‘Bitch is Fire’ together with Alexandra Stan
00:57 – MATTN speaks about her inspiration while producing music
01:14 – The artists who influenced the artist MATTN in her musical style
01:45 – MATTN shares her dream collaboration
02:02 – MATTN’s advice for women who are in the music industry
02:43 – How she’s able to manage her time while she is also a manager of AM Cosmetics but also a mother and a wife
03:26 – She talks about her upcoming collaboration with Paris Hilton

Quote from the interview
02:22 – ‘Just believe in yourself, if you wanna do it, you can do it’

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