A17N Opens Up: Personal Reflections on ‘Let Go Of Tears’

  1. Hey A17N! Glad to have you here to ask some questions about your latest collab. ‘Let Go Of Tears’.
  • Hello, yes, we are also very happy about this interview. It is amazing and also our pleasure to let you having us. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.
  1. Can you please tell us the story behind ‘Let Go Of Tears’? And how do you meet Indicate to produce this summer tune?
  • As for the story behind this song, Summer vibe of this song describes our happiness last summer. I started making this song in March. Indicate is my good friend, and we met at a party in memory of Avicii in the summer of 2022.I gave him this demo, and he thought we could collaborate, and we had a close cooperative relationship from then on.
  1. Why should people listen to and stream the ‘Let Go Of Tears’?
  • YES!Because this song has a very good vibe and is high-quality music, the passionate signature Bass is suitable for everyone to enjoy it in headphones, stereos or cars! This definitely will give you a different summer experience
  1. How would you describe your sounds?
  • We usually like to make different music, but I can find my own sounds in different music styles. I think my sounds are diverse and of course unique, because I have my own ideas to deal with sounds.
  1. Who is A17N and why music production? At what age did you get into music and how? 
  • A17N is an independent Tibetan musician. I make music because of his interest. Avicii had a great influence on me, which finally turned it into a part of my life. I remember I first started making my own songs at the age of 22.
  1. Do you remember the name of the first song you heard and you said ‘I want to be a music producer’? 
  • The first time I realized that the music I listened to was electronic music, and it was the song ‘Wake Me Up’, because it was cool to have a DJ standing on the stage in the MV. At that time, I knew it was a DJ, and I said I wanted to be so cool.
  1. To produce great songs you need to have a great source of inspiration, can you tell us what inspires you while you’re in the studio producing music?
  • My inspiration, in fact, is probably like most producers, we like to make songs in the early hours of the morning, communicate with my team in Oceanfire, and concentrate on this song. I will accord to the vocal emotions, and I like to record some interesting melodies on my mobile phone. If I have the opportunity, I will put them into songs.
  1. What’s your favorite activity or sport to practice while you’re not in your studio producing music?
  • We all like to go to music festivals or go to the club to see our favorite musicians. I also like to take a walk and get some air. The scenery here is very good.
  1. What’s your biggest dream at this moment and what are your plans for the future?
  • Our biggest dream at present is to let more people hear our songs, and our future plan is to make more good songs and release my music to more good record companies.
  1. This is all for now. Thank you for your time answering our questions. Where can our community find out more about your music and your future releases?
  • Thank you very much for your interview and thanks to my team Oceanfire and friends who always support me. You can find more of my songs on my Spotify account and my Instagram account!

Download and Stream: https://hypeddit.com/a17nindicate/letgooftears
Follow A17N on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/itsa17nofficial/

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