GNTN Talk About Latest Single ‘Something Lost’ and New Brand “FACES”

GNTN talk about their new single 'Something Lost' with Oliver Wickham as they launch their new brand "FACES"

GNTN introduce their new brand “FACES” with the release of their new single ‘Something Lost’. Partnering up with Canadian singer Oliver Wickham for the release, the melodic techno duo take the listeners on a dramatic journey. Oliver’s tender vocal blend in with the elegant synths that flash high above the moody drums. After two epic breakdowns, the deep baseline drops with a mixture of mysterious and driving drums for a highly emotional experience.

With the single, they launched “FACES”, a music centered brand, combining art in all facets. A lifelong collaboration that started with GNTN themselves: Two faces that shared common passions. For them music always was connected to different layers of creativity: Visual Art, Nature, The Night, Food and especially the exchange of these connected areas

  • 1. Hello GNTN, how are you? We are glad to have you here.  

Hello guys! We are doing great. Currently sitting in our studio and going through some new productions.  In addition to that we just played a show last weekend, so fully inspired to write new music.  

  • 2. You recently released the new single “Something Lost” with Oliver Wickham creating a dramatic mix of techno and trance elements. Can you tell us more about the story behind the project and how it came together? 

Absolutely! We discovered Oliver Wickham, when we first heard his collaboration “Dear Ben” together with Simon Doty. We were amazed by the character of Oliver’s voice and directly reached out to him, asking if he could imagine writing something together. What followed was a process of exchanging ideas & sketches. Something Lost is the outcome of that and we are super proud of them. It perfectly represents our vision of Techno, driving, melancholic & full of emotions! 

  • 3. How would you describe your sound to those who are unfamiliar with you?

We would describe our sound as “Melodic Techno”. We always try to keep a good balance, of music that is suitable in clubs but can also be listened to at home. In addition to that, we keep a melancholic & emotional characteristic in our tracks. 

We are fans of long, emotional breaks, as well as working with vocals. It just gives such depth & character to the music. 

  • 4. You have also launched a new brand and label called ‘FACES’ with the release. What was the creation process for your new brand and label?  

We started to develop “Faces” at the end of 2020. We reflected where we came from, what we love in art and music and how we could adapt that on a music-centred brand, we’d like to be part of ourselves. “Faces” combines art in all facets. For us, music was always connected to different layers of creativity: Visual Art, Nature, The Night, Food and especially the exchange of these connected areas. The combination of these layers creates the experience of the music we know today. You can expect a platform that thrives on connecting the faces of these different areas and making them come alive in one place.

  • 5. Can you tell us more about your early days starting to produce music and how did you get involved in the music industry? 

We met in our school years and quickly discovered our similar taste in music. Jan had FL Studio on his old PC at this time and so we started to experiment a bit in all kinds of genres & sounds you could think of. Techno became the genre we could identify with the most and so it was just years of processing the sound & vision, we had when started. It quickly became clear this would be a long term project, so we also decided to move together, so we can spend even more time on making music! 

  • 6. What was the biggest struggle that you’ve encountered in your career so far?

We always try to enjoy the process and be thankful for what we have achieved already! Of course, this is different at times: Artists tend to look at other artists comparing too much, but this is exactly what is destructive and harms you from focusing on yourself! Every artist is special in a way. It’s all about setting clear goals and working towards these. This is what we try to do all the time and it works out quite well so far! 

  • 7. Where do you see your sound going after this? 

Not sure to be honest! The exciting thing about making music is, that it’s always a process of developing something, which hasn’t been there before. Of course, we have set our range of sound, but still, there are always new ideas to be discovered! We have a couple of nice collaborations, we are excited to share with the world. 

about creating as much as good emotions & memories with our music as possible. Playing our music in front of people is always something we appreciate and we hope to keep doing so in the future! 

  • 8. What are your goals for 2021? Can you give us any hints or clues about your upcoming productions and collaborations?

We are finally playing live again! This feels like a huge privilege in these times and it gives us so much new inspiration to test out new music in front of a crowd again! 

In terms of goals, we want to release as much music as possible and further build our new brand “Faces”. We are planning events and a lot of other interesting things, we can’t wait to tell you about them! 

  • 9. What’s been a special moment you’ve had in your career as a producer or DJ?

There have been highlights! Some of them were our shows at the legendary Egg London in 2017 as well as our show at Parookaville festival in Germany. These have been moments we’ll never forget! 

  •  10. What do you do in your free time that makes you happy?

Nature always is a place for us to recharge and gain new inspiration. Further, we like to make sports, read, meditate and watch documentaries ϑ

  • 11. This is all for now, thank you for being here and answering our questions. If we forgot to ask you something and you want to share with our audience please write it down here.

Thanks so much for having us guys! Pleasure talking to you.

Image Credits: GNTN (via EDM Nomad)

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