HBO Tells The Story of Woodstock 99

Piece, Love, and Rage

One of the best-known television networks in the world, HBO, is coming up with a brand new documentary that will bring us behind the scenes of one of the most legendary music events in history.

Woodstock 99: Piece, Love, and Rage is planned to launch on the 23rd of July at 9 PM EST. The documentary will present the story of the 30th year anniversary of the event. However, it won’t be presented the nice side, but the bad one, like deaths by dehydration, infernal heat, shameful attitudes by artists, arson, terrible health and safety conditions, sexual assaults, and the poor organization in general. The documentary reviews every aspect that went wrong in a festival that gathered over 400,000 people. 

The story was directed by Garrett Price and is based on interviews with bands like The Offspring, Scott Stapp of Creed, or The Roots’ Black Thought as well as the event promoters Michael Lang and John Scher. It also features Moby, whose words are right at the beginning of the documentary trailer:

“There is a sixth sense that you develop when you spend your life going to venues. I can tell you 100 feet away from what the energy in that venue is going to be like. We got off the bus and I was like Something is not right


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