IND:RA: The Multi-Genre Maestro Pushing Electronic Music Boundaries

Driven by his commitment and passion for music, the London-based Producer and DJ IND:RA continues to present listeners with his unique signature sound, offering music that showcases his vast inspirations while pushing boundaries to take Electronic Music to new sonic ground. As his collection of followers continues to grow, so does IND:RA’s own reputation on the scene, developing as more and more genre lovers become drawn to his signature style and innovative ways, cementing IND:RA as a powerful force within Electronic Music today.

After twenty years on the Electronic Music scene, IND:RA remains an impactful asset to the genre; having played a vital role in the progression of Electronic Music within the culture of his homeland, India, IND:RA appears as more than just a Producer and DJ, instead he continues to emerge as a supportive advocate when it comes to the evolution of the genre itself. A loyal and devoted champion of the Dance music scene, lending his hand at enriching the developing musical climate within India, IND:RA has had the opportunity to play alongside top names and take to the decks at exciting venues worldwide, currently standing as the only Indian Artist to hold a residency with the global brand, Hakkasan. Since his early beginnings in Gujarat to now basing himself in London, IND:RA’s musical journey has been nothing short of unique, and as he continues to find fresh ways to expand his creativity, there seems to be no stopping this talented Producer and DJ. 

Having set up his label, Desert Disco Records, to celebrate various Electronic Music genres, providing a platform for a myriad of talents, particularly those from the South Asian community, IND:RA continues to encapsulate loyalty, support and encouragement, continuing to play his part in the growth of the genre. Now, IND:RA sets about expanding his reach as he launches his weekly radio show, ‘RE:SET Radio,’ to further the exposure of his sound, talents, and penchant for supporting rising stars on the scene to even wider audiences around the globe. With the show broadcast on stations worldwide, genre enthusiasts will have the opportunity to dive further into IND:RA’s unique signature sound, understanding his distinct tastes and original perspective on the genre. 

Having spent his musical career working across a range of sub-styles within Electronic Music, taking inspiration from the likes of Psy Trance, Progressive Trance, early Electro and Acid House, IND:RA continues to blur the lines between genres throughout his mixes, sets, and original music, appearing today with a particular interest in the sounds of Melodic House and Techno. A multi-genre talent, IND:RA’s creative pursuits continue to shine a light on his expansive skillsets and talents, striking out as powerful examples of his passion and enthusiasm for music. 

With such a deep-rooted understanding and devotion towards Electronic Music, IND:RA maintains his determined work ethic, continuing to strive towards creative ingenuity to set himself apart within the genre. As he keeps his motivation high, one thing is for certain, IND:RA is a talent to keep watching today. 

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