Internationally Renowned French Band Ofenbach Discuss Their Debut Album “I” (ONE) And More

With almost 3 Billion streams, Ofenbach is the most streamed French band internationally. With a series of global hits like Wasted Love, Head Shoulder Knees & Toes, Be Mine, or Hurricane, and certifications all over Europe, Ofenbach finally released their debut album “I” (ONE). The album includes their biggest hits as well as 7 exclusive tracks.

On this occasion, we had the chance to chat with Ofenbach about this special moment and more.

Guys, so nice to have you here with us today! How is everything in your life going right now?

Everything is going well, we’re very happy with the release of our debut album and the way our fans are reacting. We’re also super excited to work on our forthcoming Live/DJ show for next year. We’re spending a lot of our time on visuals and production.

You just dropped your debut album, “I” (ONE), how does it feel?

We feel like it was about time! We’ve been waiting to release our first album for a while. We had huge success with our singles, and we felt like it was important to offer a longer music piece so people could actually dive into our universe.

It sounds great, tell us more about the process behind it.

The album was written in different places: at home or during trips to Los Angeles, London, and Frankfurt. The workflow is very different from one track to another, but we usually start with a chord progression, then with a vocal topline before starting to write the lyrics. 

Melody is, in our opinion, the best way to create emotions, and when we got a good one, we know that we’ll keep working on the production to make it sound even better. 

With so many incredible collaborations in the past years, do you guys have an artist you worked with who surprised you in some way?

Ella Henderson impressed us from the very beginning with her voice and the way she sang on our demo. We sent her a rough version of ‘Hurricane’ and the first take she did was magical, we barely re-recorded anything.  

Do you have any artists that you really want to collaborate with in the future? And how would that release sound?

We love Harry Styles and the fact that his tracks are quite far from dance music is something we feel could lead to a great mix. Crossover records can create this kind of magic and we’re always looking for these link-ups when making music.  

I remember we caught you live back in 2019 as well as in 2021 at UNTOLD Festival in Romania, the show was insane! With so many great shows around the globe, do you have one that stood out in some way?

We played a live show in a very famous place in Paris called l’Olympia, where César’s grandmother saw the Beatles live in the 60s, and where my grandfather (Dorian’s) was spending time with his artist friends. So as Parisians, it was a great milestone for us. 

What does a day in the studio look like for you? Making such iconic music takes a lot of inspiration, and I was wondering how you guys do it!

It depends on the day since you can’t be inspired equally every day. It’s a matter of noticing when it’s a good day and giving inspiration enough room to grow. 

To be honest, we feel in order to make good music you also have to accept that there’s going to be some bad demos in the middle. Then you’ve got to be able to spot and pick the good ones and concentrate on these to allow them to be released. 

What’s next for Ofenbach?

We’re going to tour with a brand-new live show next year. With beautiful visuals and a new sound that will include our singles in exclusive remix versions, and new tracks that we like. And we’ll obviously keep releasing music to make people dance. 

Any message for all your fans?

Thanks to everyone. We’re here thanks to you, so we’ll always try to give back the best we can. Go listen to our album and come see us live, you won’t regret it! 

Listen to Ofenbach’s debut album on your favorite streaming platform here.


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