Joel Corry Sharing About His Summer Tour, The Success of ‘History’, And Much More

Internationally renowned DJ and producer Joel Corry had one of his busiest summers of all time this year. With shows in every corner of the world, Joel managed to blow the charts and boom some of the craziest crowds. Furthermore, his latest single ‘History’ with the wonderful vocals of Becky Hill continues to achieve one record after another. With that being said, we had the chance to chat with Joel and learn more about his life:

Joel, so happy to have you here with us today, how is everything in your life going right now?

Hey, thanks for having me! It’s been an amazing summer. I’m out in Ibiza at the moment, but the season is coming to an end now so I’ll be touring America over the Autumn and Winter. We’re going to finish the year with a bang!

We saw you had a busy summer with touring and so many incredible shows! How was that? 

It’s been the best summer of my life. I’ve played at some of the biggest festivals in the world like Tomorrowland, which I’ve always dreamt of. My Ibiza residency at Ibiza Rocks has been packed out every single week and I’ve loved putting on my own headline show.

With so many countries on your list already, which crowd sticks out to you the most?

Italy and Germany had some of the craziest crowds I have ever played to. They were amazing!

Your last release, ‘History’, is still blowing the charts, such a good song. Can you tell us about the creative process behind the tune?

Becky is a real icon of dance music. We crossed paths a few times at shows, but she and I finally managed to get in the studio together at the end of last year. HISTORY was the first idea we started working on and it stuck, which let me know it was the right one for us. I love the concept of the song and the lyrics. We’ve had the best time working together and she is an absolute superstar!

Every time you go up on stage you bring incredible energy and you seem to be always positive, what’s your secret? 

I’m lucky to be doing the thing that brings me happiness. DJing and performing are the love of my life so all I can do is feel good about it. When I am up on stage DJing, I forget about everything else, it’s my escape and my happy place.

What does a day in the studio look like for you?

A day in the studio would be getting a songwriter and artist down, working on an idea from scratch. Having good vibes, coming up with melodies, concepts, chord progressions, and hopefully finish the day with a hit record! During summer, I tend to do a lot of producing while I’m on the road with my laptop. Wherever I am, I’m always working on new ideas. 

After the recent tour and release of ‘History’, what is next for Joel Corry?

I’ve still got a few more months of touring America with some big shows lined up, which I can’t wait for. I’ve also got new music coming this year, so watch this space. We’re going to finish this year on a high!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received– personal or professional?

Always be polite because good manners go a long way and don’t cost a thing!

Last one– Any message for all your fans out there?

Thanks for all the amazing support! it’s been the best year of my life. Thanks to anyone that’s bought a ticket to come and see me on tour or streamed and downloaded my music. It’s not finished yet; new music is coming soon!

Listen to ‘History’ on your favorite streaming platform here. Keep in touch with Joel on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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