Julian Cross Talks About his Collaboration ‘All I Need’ with Afrojack and More

  1. Welcome, Julian Cross! How are you? We’re excited to hear about your latest work with Afrojack on ‘All I Need’ 

Hey great! I’m happy to be here Thanks for having me

  1. Can you please tell us the story behind ‘All I Need’? How did you decide to collab with Afrojack on this tune?

I feel like over the years Afrojack learned me a lot of tips & tricks and one night we just decided to hit the studio and we just started jamming and I think this is the perfect result of  AFROJACK being my mentor for the last 2 years  and we couldn’t be more proud of the end result 

  1. Why should people listen to and stream ‘All I Need’?

Well I think this is the perfect sneak peak of what’s to come on my upcoming album ‘Stories of the Nebula’ 

  1. Can you tell us how it is to be a Wall Recordings artist and how the entire Wall ecosystem helped you as a producer?

I think having such a big team of people who support each other with the same ambitions is really Important. Also all of the wall producers became more friends and it just feels like one big happy family 

  1. You played this year at ULTRA Miami on the Wall Recordings stage, can you tell us how it was to play your music at ULTRA?

Ultra Miami was one of my personal highlights of this year this was also the first time I was able to play my album and just to be out there is amazing 

Normally I used to watch all of the artists play on youtube at 6 am and now to experience this in real life is just amazing!

  1. Who is Julian Cross and why you chose music production and at what age did you get into music and how? 

Just Julian Cross Is just a guy who likes to make music I feel like I’ve been busy with making music my entire life when I was younger I was always fascinated by music one day I saw a mixer at my friend’s house when I was around 10–11 and was just amazed by how cool this was so from that point on I knew what I wanted to do in life

  1. Can you tell us who’s your source of inspiration or what inspires you when you’re producing music?

I get my inspiration from  all sorts of music styles sometimes I even get inspired by a simple kick or sound I think that’s the coolest part about making music just being able to create anything that’s why I think my upcoming album ‘Stories Of The Nebula’ is such a diverse spectrum of music 

  1. What’s one thing you love doing in your free time when not producing music?

During my free time, i like to go out for a walk with my dog but even after that I like to stay focused and keep  making music 

  1. What are your future plans, what do you want to achieve in the next 5 years in your professional career?

I hope my album is released By then and maybe even do a few more ‘Stories Of The Nebula’ Pt2?

  1. This is all for now. Thank you for your time answering our questions. Where can our community find out more about your music and your future releases?

Thanks for having me all I need together with AFROJACK is coming out this Friday make sure to check it out! and let me know what you think! On my socials @juliancross

Download and Stream: https://juliancross.lnk.to/AllINeed

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