Lucas & Steve Sharing About Their New Masterpiece “No Diggity”

Lucas & Steve, one of the most loved duos from the Netherlands, recently released a brand new collab with Blackstreet, “No Diggity”. Only after a few weeks from release, the track is blowing up the charts in many countries, with over 2.3 million streams on Spotify, it is one of the most successful tracks by Lucas & Steve.

We had the opportunity to interview these two talents and see the story behind the collab and how they survive these difficult times.

  • How do you guys survive these days?

We kind of live at the studio right now!

  • How did this collaboration come alive?

The idea of this collab originates in a hotel room in Portugal in 2019. After a festival that we played at, we ripped a really low-quality vocal recording from YouTube because we couldn’t find anything better at that time. We just started messing around with that on my laptop and it became pretty cool really quickly. After our label heard it they loved it but told us the challenge to clear the sample or get Blackstreet on board for a collab was huge and very unlikely to succeed.  We initially got a ‘no, please don’t touch this!’ from Blackstreet. However, after they’d heard the track they were all over it from the moment they heard it for the first time and wanted to collab on it.

  • What is the story behind the single? Any cool memories that made you create this track?

The original is iconic, that no matter your age, you just have to know this track. The original was a big hit when we were too young to actively listen to music, but even today, it’s getting airplay all over the world, so throughout our lives the record popped up numerous times.

  • Can we expect future collaborations with Blackstreet? Cause this one sounds amazing!

Thanks!! And maybe! The guys from Blackstreet are fully in this and are as hyped about is as we are. This new version of No Diggity has had a great start and is being picked up really fast allover the world, so maybe there should be a follow up. Let’s see what the track will bring us all this year!!

  • Besides organizing a huge gig, which are 4 things you most definitely will do after the restrictions go down?

1.Finally see our fans again!



4. Do some decent shopping.

  • Besides doing music, what are you doing to kill the boring times?

Create more music! And doing some sports for as far as that’s possible at the moment.

  • Which are 5 tracks that recently got released that you will for sure play during your next show?

We’ve got a whole album that we’ve never been able to play live, so that’s about 16 tracks if that’s okay!:) and of course a whole bunch of unreleased stuff that we can’t wait to test with our crowd.

  • Which advice that you got from someone in the past came out as being useful? 

Both our parents have always been super supportive of our careers in music. They always advised us to chase our dreams!

  • Any message to all the fans that can’t wait to see you performing again?

Hang in there! As soon as we can we’ll come by your country ASAP. Big thanks for listening to our music and supporting us even when we cannot play any shows. It’s time to party again and we really cannot wait to see you very very soon!

Huge passion for electronic music. Clubs and festivals are heaven for me.


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