‘Middle Rose Calling Control Rain’ Created by BAZZ is Taking the Internet by Storm

BAZZ is originally from Dublin, Ireland, and he started his music journey in late 2018 being inspired by the phenomenal artist Avicii. His motto in life is ‘Life’s too short, do what you love doing’ so he started to follow what he’s really enjoying, more exactly making and mixing music. He became known for his unique style in edits and mashups/bootlegs. Until now his work gained 1 million plays collectively on only 7 mashups that he has already uploaded online.

He even got popular on LinkedIn, and garnered a massive following of 11K+ followers on there, as well. The main reason he made ‘Middle Rose Calling Control Rain’ mashup, is that he’s a huge fan of the artists used in the mashup title, and other than that the songs fit nicely in a harmonic manner.

‘Also a real pleasure to Mix/Edit my first DJS From Mars track as they inspired me to keep going due to being the very first established producers I sent my music too and getting decent feedback’ – BAZZ

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Everything is possible if it starts with a passion. EDM enthusiastic and social media geek with knowledge in content creation


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