MORTEN: David Guetta Came up With the Name for the Track ‘Permanance’ [VIDEO Interview]

The Danish music producer MORTEN shared the story behind the ‘Permanence’ song made together with David Guetta in an exclusive interview for us. MORTEN and David Guetta ‘two close friends’ are the creators of Future Rave sound. MORTEN has had amazing success with his merchandise collection ‘BBA’, the most successful merchandise line in Denmark, which has sold out within hours after each collection has dropped. MORTEN has gathered an audience of 4.7M Monthly listeners on Spotify alone, releasing hit after hit with the Guetta collab being on top 5 of the most played records in the world by DJs for 7 weeks. In 2021 MORTEN was the highest new entry in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs on #39

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Interview Notes:
00:27 MORTEN share the inside story behind the song ‘Permanance’ together with David Guetta
01:18 Why the song is called ‘Permanence’ and who came up with this name
01:39 MORTEN explains how it was to be on the same stage with David Guetta and to play ‘Permanence’ at MDLBeast 2021
02:38 MORTEN speaks about how the ‘Future Rave’ sound was born
03:53 The process of producing music during the pandemic with David Guetta
04:45 MORTEN talks about how his sound evolved during the years in his career
05:54 MORTEN share his opinion about NFTs and Metaverse
06:45 He talks about what sport he loves to practice in his free time
07:00 MORTEN talks about his future plans together with David Guetta and Future Rave
07:33 MORTEN’s favorite Tattoo
07:43 MORTEN’s favorite city
07:51 MORTEN’s favorite season
07:58 MORTEN’s favorite festival
08:36 MORTEN’s message for EDMNOMAD community

📃 Quotes from the interview:
05:13 – “I feel that Future Rave keeps evolving, it’s not just one sound or synth, it’s the music we love and how we hear the music, it’s not one thing and it can’t be changed…”

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