MR.BLACK Talks About his Debut Album ‘Tranceformation’ and More

1. You have just come back from Miami Music Week, what did you get up to while you were there?

I had a blast. Did a few meetings, met awesome people, and got to play many of my new releases and upcoming ones. I had an amazing time playing at the We Rave You X Florida Panthers at the FLA Stadium, a really fun event.

2. How was the reception to the new music?

Was really great! I get a lot of heartwarming messages through my social media. It’s always fun to release the music I’m working so hard on to the public and see how they react. 

3. With the title track out now, what type of sounds can we expect from the album?

This album truly conceptualizes and represents a part of me, which is combining and transforming sounds and elements I love in music into my own trance version (from here comes the name for the album – Tranceformation).

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4. Will we hear more of this type of sound when the album release? Or is every track going to have its own flavour?

You’re going to have to wait and see for yourselves 🙂

5. How would you describe the dance music scene in your home country of Israel?

The Trance scene in Israel is strong, for many many years now. Techno also have a huge fan base in Israel. I think this country (Israel) has such a versatile music scene that you can find lots of different vibes in each place you’ll go.

6. What were your main influences to start making dance music back?

My inspirations were Chemical Brothers, Prodigy and Daft Punk and afterwards Tiësto, Infected Mushroom and Shpongel. After I got connected to these artists and their music it felt like music production is all I want to do.

7. Do you have any artists or albums that specifically influenced your sound?

As mentioned in the previous question there were lots of artists in the 90s and early 00s that inspired me and my sound until today, one artist that specifically inspiring for me and always ahead of the game is David Guetta – he’s one of my biggest inspirations and a true legend. He’s always up to date, fresh and definitely re-inventing himself time after time. He’s an example on how you can do multiple projects and everything still sounds solid and working.

8. How has your creative process differed when producing this album compared to past work?

Usually when I go to produce single tracks it’s around a particular idea, melody, topline and I’m trying to incorporate my vision and sounds into it. With an album you try to create a story, so you think about the type of sounds, colors, vibe, BPM and generally think about the concept and how to capture the overall idea. Since the concept of the album is ‘Tranceformation’, to transform what I was inspired to – the old into the new and modern, it was important for me that each track will still carry that concept flag. There were a few tracks that didn’t make it to the album as they didn’t fit the story.

9. You have mentioned that you will release around 7 singles before the album comes, is there any particular reason you wanted the release to happen like this?

Yes, we already released 4 and there are 2 more to go, I wanted to put spotlight and tell the story chapter by chapter without dropping an entire album out of the blue, so each track will have some time to shine, as an album for me is like ‘slow cooking’, you need to push it slowly and steadily and it was important for me that certain tracks will get their highlights.

10. If you could work on a track with any vocalist ever, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Freddie Mercury, a major inspiration of mine and one of the most talented vocalists in history in my opinion. Seeing the documentaries and hearing the discography you can’t be indifferent to what Queen and this guy in particular achieved.

11. What is one country in the world that you haven’t played yet that you would like to?

Argentina, the country is amazing, I was obviously exposed to Argentina via Football and all the legends they have, but also whenever I see the crowd in festivals there the energy looks amazing. Argentinian people are always super friendly, happy and energetic with positive vibes!

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