NATHASSIA – Behind the Scenes of ‘Bang the Drums (D-Licious Mix) – Miami Special’

NATHASSIA welcomes everyone into her sonic world once again; this time she introduces ‘Bang the Drums (D-Licious Mix) – Miami Special’, a new Latin House inspired track that aims to make everybody dance and feel good. Following releases like ‘Lair (Special Tee & Andreas Fox Remix)’ and her masterful work curating her radio show ‘Goddess Is A DJ’, NATHASSIA lifts the veil and lets us in on the process of working on ‘Bang the Drums (D-Licious Mix) – Miami Special’, as well as talked about her radio show and upcoming projects.

  • Hello NATHASSIA, how are you?

I am good thank you for asking

  • Can you walk us through the process of working on ‘Bang the Drums (D-Licious Mix) – Miami Special’? How did the initial for the track idea started?

I wrote the original song “Pagan Goddess (Bang the Drums)” a few years ago for my debut album, but I wanted a South American Latin House vibe, so I approached D-Licious for a remix, they were referred to me by Eddie Gordon (CEO Kings of Spins)

  • What influences does the track have?

I was born in a diverse household with an Indian mother born in Suriname, South America, and a Dutch father, which means that I like to mix up the styles from my multicultural roots, between diverse cultures and hopefully bringing people together. Hopefully that comes across in the track

  • How long did it take you to finish working on the song?

All in all, it took about 4 weeks to finish the song

  • How does this track differ from your other releases?

This one is more Latin House than my other releases, great to dance to!

  • What did you wanted to achieve sonically with this release?

I wanted to achieve the feeling of dancing on a beautiful beach as the sunsets

  • How would you describe a ‘Miami Special’?

The Special was a mix from this year’s Miami Music Week for my Radio Show, and I wanted to include this song as part of the show

  • Can you tell us more about your DJ show, what can we expect in the near future?

My ‘Goddess Is A DJ’ Radio show has been gaining a lot of traction this year with many millions of listeners each week in 31 countries. I feel incredibly blessed that the show gets such great reactions from listeners all over the world.  In addition to streaming my monthly live show, I am working on livestreaming the weekly radio show later in the year, which will be great fun!

  • What are you currently working on?

I am working very hard on my next single, I am just back from filming the music video at Miami South Beach and South America which was awesome!

  • Where can we listen to ‘Bang the Drums (D-Licious Mix) – Miami Special’?

You can check it out at all the usual stores via

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