NERVO Team up with Tube & Berger for New Retro Single “Lights Down Low”: Listen

“Lights Down Low” bring back the 80s feel marking a brand new collab between NERVO, Tube & Berger, out now on Musical Freedom Records.

NERVO continue their strong run in 2021 with a mesmerizing new single “Lights Down Low”, out now on Musical Freedom Records. Working with the German electronic duo Tube & Berger, they bring their signature sounds together for the 80s inspired collaboration. Pulsing bassline, retro synths, and a house beat comprise the main elements under the infectious vocals.

“Lights Down Low” begins with a nostalgic drum fill and retro chords that instantly transport you back to the 80s pop music in a house setting. Many popular artists are taking a similar route with throwback remixes of old classics. NERVO, the iconic EDM duo of twin sisters, have executed the blend of modern contemporary sound and retro with Tube & Berger extremely well, especially in the sense of arrangement. It’s an exciting track with a fine balance of familiarity and something new for the listener to enjoy.

You can check out “Lights Down Low” by NERVO, Tube & Berger, out now on Musical Freedom Records below.

Image Credits: Chloe Paul

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