Neversea Festival Getting Postponed for a New Date in 2021

The second-largest EDM festival from Romania, Neversea, is getting rescheduled. Organizers say that the measures taken by authorities don’t allow large festivals to take place before August 1st, which unfortunately makes it impossible for them to organize it. The new dates are not set yet but will be announced soon.

Tickets and passes will be automatically valid for the rescheduled dates, and more information about refunds will be available soon.

In the last 5 years, we have built together with you the Neversea story on the Island of Dreams. We are hundreds of thousands of friends and we all miss seeing each other free and happy, on our favorite beach. We miss dancing and dreaming together, barefoot in the sand, catching the sunsets and the sunrises to the beats of the world’s greatest artists and DJs. With sadness, we have to accept the reality that even if there are solutions to organize the festival in the best and safest conditions, we can not be together as we wished for. The current rules from authorities do not allow us to do this. We don’t give up on our wish to make a new edition of Neversea festival this year, but we need a guarantee from the authorities that the rules will be changed, as they promised, at least starting from the 1st of August. Thus, we maintain permanent contact with the authorities to do everything possible to sea you again this year. Just as eager and excited as you and us to meet again at our beloved festival on the Black Sea coast, are also hundreds of artists and DJs, more than 500 suppliers, and 9000 collaborators, who work to make each edition better than the previous one. Thank you for understanding and supporting us! You must know that your ticket to enter the Island of Dreams is automatically valid for the rescheduled date. We’ll get back to you, as soon as we have news regarding the new date or regarding the tickets, passes, and refund options. Keep the sun in your heart just a little longer! Neversea Team

Stay updated on the official Neversea website.

Photo Credits: Facebook @NeverseaFestival

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