OFFAIAH Teamed up with David Penn to create ‘Satisfied’

DJs and music production powerhouses OFFAIAH and David Penn join forces to bring a new powerful track titled ’Satisfied,’ set for release under Toolroom, these House music maestros team up to blend their unique styles and skills in this unmissable new production.

Seasoned Producer David Penn, known for his impressive House sound that has garnered millions of listeners across main streaming platforms, as well as, reaching the top of charts across main streaming platforms, is ready to unveil this new production that is poised to reach new milestones for him, as he keeps innovating in the genre. On the other hand, following a busy and stellar release and performance schedule, OFFAIAH presents a new heavy-weight production that carries his prolific signature sound, marking his first release under Toolroom with this alias, this track is ready to become a chart-topper across leading Electronic Dance music charts, as well as, an instant favorite for lovers of the House genre.

‘Satisfied’ features a powerful beat and exceptionally groovy bassline that gets the party started and maintains the vibe throughout the length of the track, that alongside underlying piano lines and rhythmic sonic elements, it releases continuously its energizing force, while a breakdown featuring a catchy and lush piano chord progression joins the mix, the track revs up to reach peak energy and resolution in a hard-hitting drop that unleashes the party. Whether in the club or through headphones, this track transports the listener to a vibrant beach party, where the dancefloor keeps going. This new collaboration between these Producers ticks all the boxes to become a new summer anthem, with a listening experience that is packed with groove, color and energy.

‘Satisfied’ certainly encapsulates OFFAIAH and David Penn’s unique sounds and flavor, that have already established themselves, as ones of the most innovative and impressive in the Electronic Dance music scene across the globe, all while blending their individual styles to perfect harmony in this particular production.  

This new release carries these artists’ name and reputation, not failing in pushing the boundaries once more, delivering a refreshing and powerful punch with this new hit. Make sure to follow OFFAIAH and David Penn across social media to remain updated on their latest releases and live show dates. ‘Satisfied’ is out now and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms.

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