Pink Panda Talk about their ‘Plan Perfect: Offense’ EP and about the Shows in Asia During the Pandemic

Hello guys, how are you? We are glad to have you here.

Yeah, we’re great thx! Thank you for having us on, huge privilege, we appreciate it!!

You have recently released ‘Plan Perfect: Offense’ EP. Can you tell us more about it, and how it came to life? How much did you spend to produce the EP, and where did you get the inspiration to produce it?

Yeah sure, we’ve been spending a lot of time touring in Asia the past few years and during the Pandemic predominantly in China where we’ve had the absolute pleasure of meeting and working with some amazing DJs & Producers during our 43-show run between July 2020 and Chinese NY past month.
We’ve always been getting and trying to gain a lot of inspiration from experiencing and diving into different cultures. With this EP it came to life very naturally as we started collaborating with artists we were playing with and spending time with in general.
Eventually when more and more collaborations came to be and our strategies in touring China became a real breakthrough success, we only thought it’d be the right thing to do to dedicate a full EP to this adventure.
Inspired by the Donghua and Anime art cultures in Asia we came up with the idea to create a superhero cartoon-like storyline around the EPs and chose to name it PLAN PERFECT, because we love it when a plan comes together…
Musically we were inspired by the music we were playing in our sets and also hearing on nights out in Asia in general, Asia is smashing it right with Big room, Hardstyle & EDM at the center of things…we really wanted to play with these styles across the whole EP… Expect Big, Brave productions throughout!!
In the end we had to make it a 2-sided EP because of the amount of quality tracks we wanted to release, so Plan Perfect: Defense will follow right after this too! ☺
When Tat and Dorcas, our friends and A&Rs from SONY Music China, got as excited as we were and pulled on board full support from SME worldwide, we knew there was no stopping this train… The narrative that we have worked out based on the full story behind the EPs makes that we can’t wait to release the next chapter at the end of summer to unveil it all and hopefully get to create the full cartoon with is while we’re at it, haha!

Can you tell us how you met and how you decided to create the Pink Panda project? What’s the story behind the Panda masks?

It all started when we met in local clubs in London whilst DJ-ing together on the same nights and line ups. We instantly connected and always wanted to push a brand / a character rather than have our own selves the center of attention…We’re quite shy really when the mask comes off ha-ha. Fun fact that most people will probably don’t know because we’ve just recently started to step out of the crowd for many is that we actually started Pink Panda in the early 10’s meaning we’ll have our ten year anniversary coming up anytime soon, but we can’t say too much about that yet unfortunately….

2020 was a great year for you despite the whole music industry being on pause. You guys have entered DJ Mag Top 100 on 82th position. How do you feel being in the top 100 and does it add some pressure on you not to disappoint your fans?

Yes…We were blown away when our PFam voted us into the Top 100 !! We always dreamed about making the list but when it actually happened it was a crazy feeling!! We never expected to be celebrating it like this either, on video chat with our families, management, etc. anxiously checking the AMF x DJ Mag countdown event we hope to feature on one day.

We know you were blessed to play at some of the first shows since the covid hit. Can you tell us how it feels to be back? What’s the energy of the people out there?

It was incredible! We missed clubs & festivals soo much…The first show we did after the break was electric!! It felt like we’d come home after being away somewhere where music no longer existed!
But to be honest we feel for our friends and partners in the industry who’ve had to endure this way longer than we did and might still even not have had the chance to play in front of a crowd again or organize the events they’ve put so much love and energy in over the years.
Based on what we’ve experienced in China we can only tell you that everyone is in for a treat when things turn back to normal, the positive energy explosion will be unmatched and not to be forgotten for ages.

What’s your favorite EDM song that you are playing in your sets every time you get the chance?

Chainsmokers – Don’t Let Me Down (Hardwell & Sephyx Remix) one million percent. We love ending our sets with the unmatched Hardwell energy on this amazing Chainsmokers production!! Gets every crowd going till the very end…

Which was a piece of advice that you got from someone in the past and came out as being useful?

Don’t compare yourself to anyone, walk your own path, dance like nobody’s watching and sing in the rain. Cheesy? Maybe, but life’s too good to do anything else really. That’s what we’ve learned this past period.

Besides organizing a huge gig, which are 5 things you most definitely will do after the restrictions go down?

  1. Throw a reunion for all our friends and family.
  2. Kiss & hug everyone we meet!
  3. Take a flight anywhere.
  4. Walk on the beach.
  5. Get drunk at a pub.

This is all for now, thank you for being here and answering our questions. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us in the future to come, and hopefully see you soon at festivals, when the world comes back to normal.

Thanks soo much! Keep the faith, We will dance together again! Bye PFAM!!!

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