Quarterhead Talk About Their New Single ‘Touch My Body’ and the Success Behind ‘Head Shoulders Knees & Toes’ – INTERVIEW

"We met in middle school, started a band and wrote songs. It was all about the best possible song for us. After school we faced the question: What next?"

With more than 150 million streams generated globally with “Head Shoulders Knees & Toes“, top positions in the global Spotify charts, gold and platinum status in countries like Germany, France, Poland and Austria amongst others, and airplay successes such as a top 10 ranking in Germany, Quarterhead, together with Ofenbach and vocalist Norma Jean Martine, mark the success of another international hit on their already impressive track record. Even though the collective’s dance track, inspired by an old children’s song, was already released last summer, it still remains on the course to success in 2021 as well!
For Quarterhead, the track is another milestone and, at the same time, the perfect motivation to reach for even higher goals: “To be creative and then receive approval for your own ideas and impulses unleashes a unique power. We don’t want to repeat ourselves or make it easy on us, but rather keep pushing and exploring new paths,” the two members Josh Tapen and Janik Riegert explain. “For us, it’s all about the music. It’s what drives us. And success enables you to take it to the next level.”

Award-winning duo Quarterhead return to the release radar with their first fiery single of 2021 and their debut for Universal Music with ‘Touch My Body’. Having received staunch support on a variety of their releases, the German natives’ ability to seamlessly cross genres continues to breathe success on every track they touch. ‘Touch My Body’ – available now across all streaming platforms.


  1. Hello guys. We’re glad to have you here. For starters, can you tell us how you got into the music industry and what has motivated you to do that?

Josh: We met in middle school, started a band and wrote songs. It was all about the best possible song for us. After school we faced the question: What next? 
And we kinda knew that doing what you are actually good at leads to something. In fact we were horrible writers back then but our ego succeeded somehow – now we’re here. What a journey.

  1. Do you think your sounds have evolved over the years? What might have influenced this evolution?

Janik: Definitely! In the beginning it was Josh on Guitar and Vocals, me on Piano. Now we have turntables, 808s, a Moog and tech house samples. For me it’s curiosity. I can’t do the same thing twice without getting bored.

  1. How do you describe your present sounds?

Josh: I feel like we’re reading a UK house wave with soulful influences right now. Sometimes a bit darker and more emotional.

  1. How do you feel about “Head Shoulders Knees & Toes” being a massive hit all around the world?

Janik: It’s amazing! It started as a melody in our buddy Tim’s studio in London, then Norma came in and now it’s everywhere. We did not expect any of this in the first place. 

  1. Your newly released single “Touch My Body” follows in the footsteps of your previous hit. Can you tell us the story behind it? How did “Touch My Body” come to life?

Josh: So we really liked 90s R&B at the time we wrote it. So we sat down with our friend P Jay Jordan and wrote a 93BPM ballad with a Rhodes sound. Later we sped it up to a dance tempo, pitched down my vocal and just fell in love with the vibe.

  1. Do you have any new music ready to be released this year?

Janik: Oh yes. Masters for the next one are already delivered. It’s a collaboration with a well known female artist but we can’t tell you more at the moment.  

  1. From where do you get inspiration while producing music? How do you overcome writer’s block?

Janik: The best thing is not to force it. Don’t work too much, don’t stress. The best songs happen on days with friends without too many expectations. 

Do you play any video games or sports? What else do you love doing in your spare time?

Josh: I do a lot of Golfing. It really helps to relax! 
Janik: Running in the woods, meeting friends, traveling, art, there’s so much to discover! 

  1. What’s your biggest dream at this moment?

Josh: Being an artist usually means you have a (hopefully) clear vision of who you are or want to become. The hard part is to communicate this to the people. Would love to make some progress with this in the near future! 

  1. This is all for now! Thank you for your time! And hopefully see you soon when the world gets back to normal 🙂

Yes, we can’t wait to jump on stage and play all the vibes we created in our studio!

’Touch My Body’ – https://umg.lnk.to/TouchmyBody

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