Spotify Launches a new ”Car-view-mode”.

One of the world’s biggest music streaming services, Spotify, just released a ”car-view-mode” for its 87 million subscribers. The company announced this ”view-mode”, and said that it is still in beta version and still testing its current version and will be released once its compatible with iOS and Android.

The driving friendly mode enables the driver to use the service with fewer distractions than the standard ”view mode”. Once connected via Bluetooth, the Spotify display is put on the car’s internal display with music/track changing, volume up/down options and more. Track titles and playlists and current playing songs are displayed with bigger font, where they allow the user to keep his/her eyes on the driving and noticing the song being played with a small glimpse on the car’s display instead of searching for songs through a small smartphone screen with small fonts and writings.

Paul Gryllz
Paul Gryllz


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