YouTube Rewind 2018 is the most disliked video on the platform

In just one week after YouTube posted the Rewind 2018 – video, it already broke a record, it is the most disliked video ever that was posted on YouTube, until now it was the video clip for Baby by Justin Bieber.

Justin’s video have 9.8M dislikes and Rewind 2018 is already at 11M dislikes, even if a lot of you may wait the entire year to see this year rewind, it is nothing to impress, it still doesn’t satisfy the viewers and this is the main reason why it got so many dislikes in just a week.

Even a YouTube representative issued the following statement for The Verge, “Dethroning ‘Baby’ in dislikes wasn’t exactly our goal”, so they’re not really happy with what they put together in making the video.

I really want to know your thoughts about this year’s rewind, please comment below.

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