Spotify Releases 2020 Wrapped For Listeners

Curious about how was your music taste in 2020?

Spotify has just released its 2020 wrapped for listeners but also for artists. If you’re curious to see your 2020 top songs from your own Spotify account all you have to do is to open the desktop app or the website, and you will find 2 playlists ‘Your Top Songs 2020’ and ‘Missed Hits’.

But if you want more advanced stats about your activity on Spotify in 2020, you simply need to open the mobile app on your phone and there you will find a banner and once you tap on it there will be a couple of stories with different information about your 2020 activity on Spotify and with a simple click you can share it on your socials.

Because Spotify made serious investments recently in podcasts you can see which is your most listened podcast, which is something new and it wasn’t here in the last years.

One day you'll leave this world behind. So live a life you will remember.


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