Steve Aoki talks about the secrets of lasting success on Impact Theory by Tom Bilyeu

Steve Aoki, as he’s recently released his memoir “Blue: The Color of Noise” where he tells us his story: from his upbringings to his success as a musician, was also invited as a guest for Impact Theory by Tom Bilyeu to expand on the things he talks about in his book.

Steve Aoki and Tom Bilyeu collaborated in the past, as well, to release “Neon Future”, a comic book series issued by Impact Theory Comics.

In this episode of Impact Theory, Aoki, together with Tom Bilyeu, talk for close to an hour about the need to connect and make an impact throughout our lives, the secrets of lasting success and how to deal with failure.

If you’re a fan of Steve Aoki, it is really an interesting discussion that must be listened to to get a feeling of who Aoki actually is and his principles.

Watch the discussion below.

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