Steve Aoki Wants To Make A Song With Elon Musk

Steve Aoki worked on a memoir of his life that is going to get released this month. The memoir, “BLUE: The Color of Noise”, will take Aoki’s fans on a great journey throughout his upbringings, the highs and lows, life events and people along the way that got him to where he is today.

GQ recently sat down with the legend Steve Aoki to talk more about his autobiography, and Aoki revealed a lot of things. For example, he wants to live forever just to have the choice to die. He says he doesn’t want his body to degenerate to a point where he wakes up one day with a tumor.

Nevertheless, a lot of things were discussed, but one thing that stood out was the fact that Steve wants to collaborate with Elon Musk. He said that he has been reaching out to Elon Musk for the past year. “I’ve been reaching out to Elon Musk to do a song with me for the past year. I love being in the studio with people who have shaken me up and made me think in a new way. “

When asked why Elon, the DJ said about Musk that he is a pioneer, someone who’s going to change the future. “He’s taking these broad steps that people are afraid to take. He’s going after how the entire human species is going to survive and how to advance our species altogether. “

We’re really looking forward to seeing if this collaboration ever comes to life, and if it does, we can’t wait to listen to it.

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