The first interview with Hardwell after he retired touring at Revealed Podcast

Revealed Recordings have launched a podcast after they moved into a new building with their studios. During the second episode of the podcast, in which Hardwell is the guest, he stated that he feels better than ever spending time together with his family and friends.

I discovered myself again like how regular life is. Like doing my own grocery shopping, spending time with my mom and dad. Seeing my friends on their birthday, normally I was just touring and regular important stuff that you don’t necessarily get to do. Yeah, and like for the last over last decade I never had like in regular life so I’m really happy.” – Hardwell

He also shared that now, for him is like being a kid again when he was in his bedroom creating that music that he liked. When he toured he created music that was suitable with his sets, but now since he retired, he’s able to produce the music he really likes again, no matter the genre.

Listen to the entire podcast and discover many things, for example the story of how he came up with the name for the Revealed Recordings.

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