The Mother Lode Launches ‘How to do Your Own PR: A Free Guide’

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International music PR agency The Mother Lode has launched ‘How To Do Your Own PR: A Free Guide’, a new series aimed specifically at helping young artists build their profiles using PR practices.

The guide, which includes tips and advice from some of the world’s foremost music editors, writers and broadcast producers, is available to download free of charge by anyone who wants to use it and covers a range of subjects that, taken together, should give users a comprehensive handle on how to formulate a successful music PR campaign.

The aim of the guide, says creator Kat Bailey, CEO of UK-based agency The Mother Lode, is to help the next generation of music superstars access the elusive world of music media.

The vast majority of young artists can’t afford a publicist,” Bailey said. “It’s definitely a luxury that’s usually reserved for established acts who are already making revenue from streams, sales, merch and touring. Those artists don’t have time to do their own PR, which is why they pay companies like The Mother Lode to do it for them. 
But if you’re a young producer, making music in your bedroom, the chances are that you’ve probably got a lot more time on your hands than most of these more established stars. The ‘How To Do Your Own PR’ series gives you all the information you could possibly need to do a PR campaign by yourself. If you’re prepared to put the time in, you really can make a huge difference when it comes to getting those big breaks in the industry.”

Bailey is joined by a series of experts from a wide raft of music industry media: Katie Bain, Director of Billboard Dance, Carl Loben, Editor-in-Chief of DJ Mag, Seb Wheeler, Mixmag’s former Head of Digital, BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix producer Huw Owen, The Mother Lode publicist Rachael Restall, photographer, stylist and art director Grace Bukunmi, music writer and Kat Calls host Kat Bein, Elinora Wilde from Strassberger, Neighbourhood PR boss Neil Bainbridge and publicist Zac Banks, Cool FM’s Connor Coates, Andi Durrant from This Is Distorted, Gavin Kingsley from The Radio Department, Mark Mancino of The Nocturnal Times and 450 Group, DJ, producer and Fangage founder Sam Feldt, Your EDM Editor-In-Chief Matt Meadow, Armada Music’s Justine Servais, EDM District’s Head of Content Curation Christine Diamantopoulos and 6AM Group Editor-in-Chief Daisy Magaña.

Explaining why she agreed to get involved in the series, Magaña said: “No one can do it on their own, and I’m a firm believer in abundantly sharing knowledge. You don’t know what you don’t know and not everyone has the same access to resources. When I heard that The Mother Lode was creating a free PR guide to help aspiring artists, it was an opportunity for me to give back with my knowledge from both my PR and media backgrounds. You can apply these concepts in any business setting, and even if you walk away only learning one thing, that’s already a step in the right direction.

Kat Bein, who as well as hosting her Twitch show Kat Calls, also writes for the likes of Billboard Dance, SPIN, Discogs and the Miami New Times, is also an advocate of paying it forward. “I would be nothing without the people who helped me learn along the way,” she said, “and I love sharing the things I’ve learned with other people. I’m honoured to have participated in this really informative guide, and I’m excited to learn even more from my peers! I hope some of my insights help someone else make their dreams come true.

I’m extremely grateful to everyone who agreed to come on board for their incredible help,” Bailey said. “They’re all busy people at the best of times so to have their input and expertise, which will be extremely useful to anyone reading, is absolutely invaluable. You simply won’t get this level of advice from the people that count anywhere else.

To get your free access to The Mother Lode’s ‘How To Do Your Own PR: A Guide’, simply visit

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