The Winner of World’s Biggest Demo Drop Talks About the Song who Made him Win and More

1. Hello Christopher. First of all congrats on winning World’s Biggest Demo Drop. How are you?
Thank you very much for your congratulations, very nice. I’m fine, thanks.

2. How and why have you decided to participate in the biggest demo drop organized by Spinnin’ Records?
in fact, I did not immediately see that this contest was held on Spinnin, before that I always sent my demo in the Talent Pool section and usually did not participate in any contests (Remixes, etc.) then I saw the news on Instagram, on the Spinnin page and decided why not give it a try. In the end, I won. This was very unexpected.

3. Can you tell us more about yourself, how you have got involved in the music industry and at what age did you start out?
I started to study music at about the age of 23, at first I went to DJ school and learned to play DJ mixers, so that in the future I could act as a disc jockey at parties, playing exclusive tracks in clubs, then I started making guest mixes, people began to notice me and invite me to perform in clubs, in Moscow, as a DJ, so I played in many clubs in Moscow.

Then I thought that this was not enough and I wanted to write my own tracks. At first, I released tracks, like many beginner djs on simple labels, so that the material did not lie in the table, then over time I began to raise my level in writing music tracks, and began to send already tracks to larger labels, gradually they began to notice me there too, Thus, over the past year, I have reached a more professional level and even managed to win such a large-scale competition and finally win a release on the main Spinnin label.

4. Can you tell us more about your track ‘Mr. Colin’ who won against over other 2000 submissions?
I think my listeners will be able to say more about the track Mr. Colin, who will like, vote and download this track by adding it to their playlists.

5. 2020 is almost over. How was it for you? How did you spend your time during this pandemic?
2020 was a very difficult year for me, but very productive, in terms of writing music, everything was closed in Moscow and the old life was resumed almost in full mode only from July and then not 100%, now they also introduced restrictive measures until January 15 all establishments are closed from 23 to 6 in the morning, so all my time basically, as before, I devote to writing new songs. And in the near future I will delight my listeners with new tracks.

6. Aside from this track, do you have more new music ready to be released this year?
No, but the new year will include release on DharmaWorldWide Records 2021

7. From where do you get inspiration while producing music?
It is impossible to explain, I just do it from the heart, because I like to do it.

8. Do you play any video games or sports? What do you love to do in your spare time?
I rarely play video games, but I really like games such as: GTA 5, Need For Speed ​​Heat and Mafia 3, I play them with pleasure in my free time, and I look forward to new parts of all these games, so do I I like to ride a bike and ski in winter.

9. What’s your biggest dream for you at this moment?
My biggest dream is to write a hit that will sound from every window, which absolutely every listener will love.

10. This is all for now! Thank you for your time!
Please, I am always ready to answer your questions.
Thank you very much for the opportunity to tell you a little about myself.

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