Untold Festival Asking The President About This Summer

Untold Festival, together with all the other large events from Romania, posted today on their social media that they wrote an open letter to the President of Romania to see which are the possibilities and solutions to have a summer with festivals.

Heroes of UNTOLD, No words can describe how much we miss you & want to see you this summer. We know these are hard times for everyone. However, there’s still hope! You are in our hearts every day and we want to assure you we’re doing everything in our power to agree on a plan which could allow us to meet safely again this summer. Today, together with all the Romanian cultural sector, we sent a letter to the Romanian Presidency to take action on scientifically proven measures that could allow us to meet again this summer. Read about it here: http://bit.ly/AROCxFestivals Despite the hard work we put in every day, we can’t ignore the fact that this summer could also have the same fate as the last one. Let’s keep our hopes up, but most importantly, stay safe and take care of each other! We’ll make sure you’re 100% informed on every decision we make. We can’t wait to see you all again! – Untold Festival’s Facebook Page

Like Tomorrowland and other large festivals, they don’t guarantee that the events will take place this summer, but all hope that with support from the local government, they will be able to organize them safely.

No official response was made yet, but we can only hope for a positive answer.

Photo Credits: Facebook @UNTOLDFestival

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