News Untold Presents the Blood Heroes: 4 People, a Policeman, a Nurse, a...

Untold Presents the Blood Heroes: 4 People, a Policeman, a Nurse, a Butcher and a Bus Driver, Who Saved 852 Lives Donating Their Blood

This Halloween, UNTOLD presented 4 people who are busting the vampire myth and are saving lives by giving their blood. Their stories appeared even in Times Squares, New York!

Dracula’s land is the perfect place where those who want can donate their blood and save lives. The organizers of UNTOLD festival found 4 people who are in the top of blood donors in Romania. Together they saved 852 patients who desperately needed blood. The Blood Heroes campaign is part of the longest-running blood donation campaign, Blood Network, and this time promoted the heroes who save lives by donating blood. Together with The National Institute of Blood Transfusions, the organizers of UNTOLD selected 4 people who are some of the most frequent blood donors in Romania. Their stories were presented globally, including in Times Squares, New York.

One of the blood heroes is Săbădean Camelia, a nurse who donated her blood 120 times, in the last 30 years. She is 50 years old and in the last 30 years, she donated 54L of blood and saved 360 patients.

Munteanu Florin, aged 43, is a butcher, who donated his blood for the first time 24 years ago, and since then he kept doing that. He has 92 blood donations, from which were collected 42L of blood that saved 276 lives.

Pîrpîlită Tabita Ramona, aged 39, is a bus driver, who donated her blood for the first time 21 years ago, and since then she kept doing good for others. She has 52 blood donations, from which were collected 24L of blood that helped 156 patients.

At 23 years old, Bagdi Robert, a policeman, donates his blood once every 3 months. Until now, his blood saved 60 people.

All 4 donors will receive from the organizers of the festival passes for UNTOLD, in 2021, and value vouchers offered by Kaufland Romania.

The hospitals from Romania have a desperate need for blood, especially in this hard year, when the doctors and patients are fighting with the new coronavirus. The Blood Network campaign continued this year as well and, even if it took place in other conditions than usual, it had a real success. More than 1.450 persons donated more than 650L of blood at the Blood Network mobile caravan and saved more than 4.300 patients from Romania.  

The organizers of UNTOLD continue to advise all those who can donate blood or plasma to go to the transfusion centers because they can save lives with such a simple gesture.


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